Work for Basecamp Terlingua

About us

Here at Basecamp Terlingua, we believe in a living wage, and rewarding people for hard work. We are always on the lookout for people wanting to make a full-time commitment, and we take care of those that choose to become a dedicated part of our team. We also find it very important that we hire folks that fit in with our culture: this doesn’t mean a popularity contest, this means folks who are willing to step up and work their butts off to make us successful. 

We have recently installed a living salary. ALL full time employees who work for us 9 months or more, are guaranteed a salary of $40,000. 

Working for Basecamp also means living in Terlingua and the Big Bend. A lot of people love to visit, but few have the temperament to actually live here. We are open and working year-round, which includes the summertime in the desert. It’s hot, there are bugs, the storms wash out roads. The people who choose to stick around are a special sort of person, are you?

All of that being said, we are also much busier from fall through late spring than we are in the summer. Because of this, we are open to seasonal workers in some departments, especially those with their own housing (RV’s, campers, etc.). If you fall into this category still reach out, we may have a spot for you.

While we will list very specific positions below, we expect that all of our employees be open to covering any position for which they are qualified and/or able to do. Our admin team pulls weeds, our owner stacks rocks, our maintenance teams drops off towels. No one here is too good for doing any specific job. We’re a team and everyone helps out as needed.

Our Positions:

Reservations/Admin Team:

Our reservations department is available from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days per week. Reservations cover Basecamp Terlingua, Agave Terlingua, and Nuevo Terlingua. You are the first point of contact for people interested in booking and guests currently staying with us. You coordinate with our  housekeepers and maintenance staff. You must be computer literate: we are willing to train folks inexperienced in hotel reservations, but we can’t train you how to use a computer. If you aren’t tech-savvy we may have a position better suited to your skills.


While we do have a full-time construction and maintenance crew, we are always looking for someone to do less skilled labor. This includes trash pick up, weed pulling, watering, fire-pit cleanout, car washing, and various other tasks as assigned. This position reports to the director of physical properties but may also work in conjunction with our construction/maintenance crew.


Good housekeepers are a cornerstone of our business, and we are ALWAYS looking for more. As with any of our positions, we always prefer folks that have or can find their own housing, but if you are great at your job and are willing to make a commitment to us reach out and we’ll see how we can help you. 

Cafe and Outdoor Center Positions:

We have broken ground on our cafe and outdoor center, which is a breakfast and lunch (and espresso) space that includes merchandise.  Positions will most likely be cross-trained in other aspects of our business: if you’re interested please send us an email. Exact positions are still being discussed and will overlap with existing employees as well. Opening date TBD.

Send resumes and a bit about yourself to