Luxury Tipis at Basecamp, Nomad Tipi, Lotus Belle Tents, Tent Sites, Ocotillo Suite, Casa Agave, Casa Topo Chico, Casa Adobe and Bubbles 1, 2 and X:

All of these properties are located just before the turn into Terlingua Ghostown, on Kempf road. Octoillo Suite and Casa Agave are just past the tipis, which are visible from the highway. The turn to the bubbles is marked by a sign mid-way down Kempf road.

(Please note: Kempf road is a hilly, all-weather road that can be driven even by a smart car, but should be taken slow. Please do not attempt to drive towards the Bubbles if you do not have a reservation.) 

Bubbles X2, X3 and X4 (Bubble Mountain)

These Bubbles are located near the Nuevo Terlingua units off FM 170 in between Terlingua Ghost Town and Study Butte. There is a steep drive up the hill to the units. As you drive down 170 you’ll see them at the top of a hill, shortly after you’ll see the sign to turn in.

Casa Azul:

Casa Azul is located just behind and to the right of Posada Milagro breakfast place in the ghost town. The small dirt road just behind the Posada is the driveway to Casa Azul. The blue doors of Casa Azul are visible from the Posada parking lot.


Casa Piedra and The Desert Pearl:

Located just past High Sierra Bar and Grill on the main road running through Terlingua Ghost Town, these two properties are located within a stone’s throw of each other. 


Nuevo Terlingua (Casa Lele, Casa Nuevo, Casa Coyote, Casa Miranda and Casa Juni): 

Located on FM 170, the Nuevo Terlingua properties are super visible and are located midway between Study Butte and Terlingua Ghostown. Look for the illuminated sign in the evening.


Agave Terlingua (Casa Patron, Casa Blanco and Casa Anejo):

Located directly across from Terlingua Ghostown, on Ron Reed Road. If you’re driving from the East on 170, pass the first entrance to Terlingua (noted by High Sierra Bar and Grill on the right) and continue for approximately 1/4 of a mile. Both will be located on the left, there is a white sign that says, ‘Agave Terlingua’.