Staying in a luxury tipi

The tipis are not a sealed environment.  Critters can get into them—including scorpions, crickets, and other things with lots of legs. And yes, we share this beautiful landscape with snakes, though we’ve never had an issue — if you see one, leave it alone and call us if you need assistance. (Pro tip: leave the lights off in your tipi when you leave; this will reduce the occurrence of moths and other flying critters who love the light!)

Believe it or not, it actually rains in the desert. A lot. While we do have long dry spells, we also have a monsoon season as well as occasional unseasonal, unexpected rain showers. And when that happens? Well, if you’ve never been to a tipi before, you may not realize it, but there is a big ol’ hole in the ceiling. No, there’s no way to seal it and rain does come in—the same goes for the front door. Because of that, we keep the very comfy beds covered in tarps before your arrival if rain is in the forecast. If it happens to rain, please be kind and cover that bed back up with the tarp. If you’re concerned with any of your belongings getting wet, just put them under the tarp as well. It’s a small price to pay to get to stay in these gorgeous tipis!

There is a Berkey water filtration system in each Tipi. Simply pour tap water into the top chamber of the Berkey and it will filter down to the bottom chamber. 

While we do have awesome fire pits available at all of our rentals, we do not provide firewood! Please do not gather twigs, dead ocotillos, etc. to burn. Dead plants are part of the local ecosystem and need to be left where they are!  If you would like to purchase more water, food, firewood, or supplies, you can find the largest selection at Cottonwood Grocery Store, about 6 to 7 miles away.

There are multiple WiFi routers, none of which require a password. Use whichever one works the best for your location! We pay for the fastest Internet service available, but we’re still in a very rural area, and the speed seems to come and go for no discernible reason.  If you’re having issues, we will try to fix them during normal business hours, but county-wide outages are a regular thing out here! (Also: Internet outages aren’t an after-hours emergency. Feel free to send us a message late, but we will get to you in the morning!)

The tipis have a bathhouse with three separate units. These are shared by all of the tipis and are not reserved or designated for any specific tipi. We provide toilet paper, soap, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, and a hairdryer inside of each of the units. Your tipi will come with towels: please return those to your tipi after showering and hang them to dry, as we do not provide daily towel and cleaning services. Please be mindful of other guests waiting to use the units, and also, please do not flush baby wipes, feminine products, or facial wipes.

Please respect the neighbors. Property lines out here are not well defined. If you hike the grounds, you may wander onto someone’s private property. Sound also travels nicely here! Please keep your electronics, music, and human activities at a low volume.

All Luxury Tipis are equipped with evaporative coolers to make your stay more comfortable. Please do not attempt to move these from their current location. Also, plugging in appliances like hairdryers, crock-pots, etc., will trip the breaker, so please keep your power usage to the chargers for your electronics. (We do have hairdryers in the bathhouses for your use.) Please do not tamper with any of the lights on or around the property. Our lights are all dark sky compliant because we love the stars too!

If you break anything or find anything broken, please let us know! We understand that accidents happen—we just need to know about it so that we can fix it!